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Putoline air filters, based on leading open-cell foam technology, bring users significant benefits, including:

  • Improved performance through increased airflow
  • Improved protection through finer filtration levels
  • Substantial cost savings through serviceability and reuse

Fully reticulated (open cell) foam, as used in all Putoline Oil filter products, consists of a honeycomb of tiny, interlocking cells of uniform size. When treated with specially formulated filter oil, each passageway is like hundreds of tiny centrifugal/oil bath filters connected one to another. In this way, the foam traps and holds the particles throughout the entire foam volume.

The development of this unique foam represents a significant advancement in air filtration technology. As a result, foam air filters, when compared with paper or cotton gauze equivalents, combine excellent airflow capability, massive dust-holding capacity and very high filtration efficiency for even microscopic particles.

Product description

Putoline Oil Action Filters are available in dry and pre-oiled, ready-to-install versions. 

  • Each Putoline Action filter model is tailor-made to fit your bike for maximum airflow and protection, with no “one-size fits all” production.
  • Putoline Action Filters can be washed and reused up to 30 times.
  • These Dual Stage foam layers are heat-fused, allowing an uninterrupted airflow, a significant advantage over classic foam layer glueing.
  • Seam length is minimized to allow maximum airflow. Seam strength is stronger than the foam layer itself.
  • No need to apply grease to the Foam seal ring.
  • Each Putoline Air filer is assembled and inspected by hand to ensure absolute protection and top quality.
  • Easy storage by making use of reusable Putoline Oil bags. 

Action Kit with air filter maintenance products

For information about Putoline Oil air filter fluid, cleaner and maintenance products, please visit the official Putoline Oil website.

Action Kit Biodegradable

The best for the environment? Then you have come to the right place at Putoline Oil. Action Kit Biodegradable is environment-friendly. Action Kit Biodegradable also contains eight products, where a bio variant has replaced Action Cleaner and Action Fluid: Action Cleaner Bio and Action Fluid Bio. Read Putoline Oil's blog about Action Kit.